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How To Minimize Fall Risk For Seniors

20 June 2019

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Manor Lake Gainesville - How To Minimize Fall Risk For Seniors in Gainesville, GA

As a person ages, vision and coordination systematically deteriorates. This natural course of aging elevates their risks for falls and injury. A lot of factors influence the risk of falling. A variety of health conditions, muscle strength, and brittle bones are just few common issues affecting balance. While gait changes are inevitable to seniors, there are preventative measures which professional assisted living communities enact that can also be applied at home. Here are some of them:

  • Clear floors of items that can potentially tripped them over
  • Take away low furniture that can cause tumble
  • Don't leave cables or cords lying on the floor
  • Provide sufficient lighting indoors especially at nighttime
  • Mount safety grab bars alongside shower and toilet
  • Opt for non-slip rubber floor mats
  • Provide handrails on ramps and steps

For more senior safety and care tips, contact Manor Lake Gainesville.