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Medication Management Tips for At-Home Caregivers

28 February 2024

Assisted Living & Memory Care in Gainesville GA  
Medication Management Tips for At-Home Caregivers - Gainesville, GA

Welcome back to our Manor Lake Gainesville assisted living and memory care blog where we strive to pass along our love and professional knowledge to all of you caring for special needs loved ones at home whether you provide senior assisted living services or memory care services to your loved one.

We all know the importance of medication management. Here are a few medication management tips seniors should keep in mind to avoid any serious complications:

1) Create a list of all current medications. Keep an ongoing list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications that are taken daily. The list should include both the reason the medication is taken, along with the correct dosage, time of day to take it, and any other instructions, like taking it on a full stomach or with water. This list can then be discussed regularly with a doctor and updated accordingly.

2) Learn about possible medication side effects. Knowing common medication side effects can help you stay aware of any changes to your current health, especially when adding a new drug into the mix. If adverse side effects appear, they should be discussed with a doctor or pharmacist right away.

3) Set a medication schedule. If necessary, set reminders so you remember to take your medications at the right time of day every day. A medication dispenser can help keep your pills organized throughout the day. If you miss a medication, be aware of how to proceed- should you wait and take it at the next scheduled time, or take it as soon as you remember? Your doctor or pharmacist can help answer these questions.

4) Order refills in advance. Don’t wait until you’re down to one pill to order a refill of your prescription. Cutting it too close can cause you to miss medications, and in some cases, even skipping just one pill can cause problems in your treatment program.

5) Use the same pharmacy for all prescriptions. Pharmacists are extremely helpful in keeping tabs on your medications and can help eliminate any adverse side effects or reactions to new drugs. Plus, you can streamline the process for refills and pick up all your prescriptions at the same time each month.

6) Properly store all medications. While it might seem easiest to store medications in the bathroom, this is not the best location for many drugs. Bathrooms get warm and damp, which can cause medications to break down faster. Some meds may even need to be refrigerated. Read all the labels carefully to ensure you’re storing medication in the right place.

If your senior loved one is an existing member of our Manor Lake Gainesville assisted living community or our Manor Lake Gainesville memory care community, then you can rest assured that your loved one’s medication safety is meticulously managed. If your senior loved one is under your care at home, then it is never too early to take renewed detailed focus upon medication management, to ask questions of your loved one and the care providers subscribing their medications. Medication management adjustments are routinely driven via at-home care giver’s testimonials to their loved one’s care teams. We are trained and experienced at this. It is our sincere wish that you at-home care providers prioritize skill development in this arena as well.