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How A Memory Care Community Gets Certified

Manor Lake Gainesville - How A Memory Care Community Gets Certified in Gainesville, GA

We think a well-educated and informed public serves the best interests of the cherished but vulnerable memory challenged members of our society. A Memory care communities do not necessarily require having an exclusive department or section for Alzheimer and dementia patients. Contrary to popular belief, in order for a dementia care service community to be certified, it needs to establish the following:

  • A care program that is specifically-oriented to Alzheimer's and dementia patients but allows to be personalized to suit client's preferences, abilities and needs.
  • Advanced Training for Staff and exhibited efficiency in performing latest professional practice in nursing and dementia care.
  • Facilitates social and recreational activities that includes the families of the patients.
  • Provides a safe, quiet and functional interior setting for dementia residents. Follows the standards of a memory care environment.
  • Partnering with national organizations and facilitating programs and orientations focused on educating about dementia as a commitment to professional learning.
  • Provide a support and assistance unit for families and caregivers.

We just thought you’d find this information useful. For more information about dementia and memory care, contact Manor Lake Gainesville.

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