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Ways You Can Do To Combat Alzheimer's Disease

13 April 2019

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Manor Lake Gainesville - Alzheimer's Disease in Gainesville, GA

Alzheimer's disease is a most crushing disease but there are things you can do to limit the damage caused by the disease and improve quality of life. Simple lifestyle modifications can mitigate AD symptoms and actually reverse the condition. Here are memory care tips that can help boost your mental health and curtail development of Alzheimer's disease:

  • Regular Exercise - Exercise can activate the brain's ability to retain old connections likewise create new ones. Elder people aging over 65 can perform moderate levels of weight and strength training at least 2-3 sessions to their weekly routine. This can help cut their risk of developing AD up to 50%.
  • Increase Social Involvement - Staying socially involved can be a great preventative measure against AD disease. Having a strong connection of friendship and widening your network can help improve brain's mental health.
  • Healthy Diet - According to researches, inflammation and metabolic disorders can damage and impair neurons. Thus, inhibiting communication between brain cells. Paying attention with what you consume and adjusting your eating habits can mitigate inflammation of the body. Cut down sugar intake and shift to Mediterranean diet which is more of vegetable, beans, whole grains and fish meat dishes. Eat food rich in omega-3 for it can help lessen beta-amyloid plaques. Eat more fruits and reduce intake of processed food.
  • Mental Stimulation - Exercising your brain through activities that can stimulate the brain can enhance cognitive functioning. Maintaining or developing a new hobby, playing strategic games and puzzles are great mental workout that encourage the brain to maintain cognitive association.
  • Quality Sleep - Insomnia or not getting enough nighttime sleep can increase beta-amyloid levels, it’s a viscous protein that clogs brain which further inhibits you to get a deep sleep. Deep sleep plays a vital role in memory formation. Not having sufficient sleep regularly can also affect your mood which can also be a contributing factor in developing AD symptoms.
  • Stress Management - Constant stress can impact your brain pretty hard. Too much brain tension can lead to shrinkage of the key memory section of the brain impeding normal brain cell growth. Relaxation activities and other ways to control stress are priority to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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